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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who will be invited to the dance?

After tonight, either Danny or I will no longer be invited to the dance known as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. That's right, Gonzaga Bulldogs take on the UCLA Bruins tonight in a big-time matchup of skill and determination.

Danny has the Bruins winning it all. I have 'Zaga as the darling of March Madness. My passion for college hoops is pretty frightening at times. You live with four guys who are as passionate about basketball as my guys are and you begin to pick up on a few things.

Like just how sweet a come-from-15-points-behind victory over Kobe, er the Lakers, is for the Cavs. Or how sweet LeBron's jumper to win at the OT buzzer was last night against the Charlotte Bobcats (just can't get used to that nickname).

But when it comes to excitment for the game and playing with your heart on your sleeve, the March Madness Tourney is da bomb. My money (literally) is on Adam Morrison and the Bulldogs. During the tourney, I break my "No TV in the morning" rule to allow everyone to grab the latest tidbits on ESPN SportsCenter.

This morning they were reporting a flu bug rolling around the 'Zaga locker room. Morrison, who TV analysts and print journalists can't help but identify with his moppy hair, cheesy moustache and old-school (Larry Bird) style (and see, I've done it here), says he's ready and feeling better. Hope so, the guy is diabetic to boot.

Bottom line: I don't care how he looks, the guy can play ball. He's an unbelievable shooter from outside, inside and all around the perimeter. Even Danny had to concede that he's a helluva shooter.

So, who will be crying in their coffee in the morning? My bet is UCLA.

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