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Monday, March 20, 2006

NJ Citz Journo hits 1 million mark

Under the "all news is local" rubric…

Several months ago I was turned on to Debbie Galant's Web site for suburban New Jersey news. In case anyone is wondering whether or not local, independent news sites can pull in audience, Galant proves they can. And interestingly, it has started an offshoot to cover the Newark mayoral race. Sound like a familiar endeavor?

I was under the weather bigtime all weekend and unable to attend yesterday's Meet the Bloggers Democratic gubernatorial debate, but I can't wait to read the transcript and the rundown on my fave sites.

Anyway, check out the news that arrived in my inbox this morning. And take a minute to look at the sites. I'd love to hear what you think.

Dear Baristanet Reader,

We have two pieces of news we'd like to share with you today.

The first is that last week, we had our millionth visit to the site.

The second is that starting today, we're launching a blog about the Newark mayoral race. We're calling this new blog GrudgeMatchNJ. After Sharpe James bicycled into city hall last Thursday, we decided we just couldn't keep our hands off this story, unfolding in our county and just five miles down Bloomfield Ave.

Baristanet editors Liz George and Debbie Galant will write Grudge Match along with Matt Caruso, a veteran political and public relations consultant in New Jersey and author of The Daily Doormatt. Annette Batson, who joined us late last year, will continue to hold down the fort at Baristanet.

So please go over to GrudgeMatchNJ ( and vote in our Booker v. James poll. If you'd like to advertise on the new site, call Liz George at 973.783.4475. Tips for either Baristanet or GrudgeMatchNJ should continue to go to


Jill said...

Great news on a day when MTB is trying to figure out how to pay for transcripts. Sorry you were under. :(

writelife said...

Wendy -- What would we do without your news updates! I hope the under-the-weather feeling didn't ruin your celebration for putting the book to bed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know I am many months too late, but glad to see you are tuned in to what we are doing in the Dirty Jerz.

Nice job Wendy.