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Friday, March 31, 2006

What's wrong with boys?

Oh boy (literally) we go.

Okay men and parents of boys, I'd like your opinion on this piece in today's Washington Post. The education and long-term support of boys is something about which I care most deeply. This piece has provided the impetus to work on a longer investigative piece.

I'm not saying that I agree with the author's point of view, but I have seen firsthand how our educational system can let boys down, even without intending to do so.

Here's another piece that ran in The Weekly Standard in January. It focuses on men (or lack of) in higher education. I contend that if we focus our attention on the lack of males interested in pursuing or succeeding in higher education, we've failed them again. The problem begins much earlier.

Way up in Alaska they have a new organization called, The Boys Project. I'm pretty skeptical about such an effort, particularly given that its Web site contains very little information about what it seeks to do.

Another site hails this project and its director as the "Messiah," but I still remain skeptical. I'd like to hear from you as I begin research on this issue.

What else keeps a boy from developing drive?

Is this another example of an overblown media trend?

Are their societal conditions in place that restrict the movement and aspiration of boys and men?

Are the women to blame?

Have parents let boys down?

Has the educational system (K-post-secondary) let boys down?

Has our push for gender equality tipped the scales in favor of women?

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