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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Live blogging about Diane Rehm Show

Oh boy, Diane Rehm is talking with author Leslie Morgan Steiner about her new book, "Mommy Wars."

I have a huge problem with her title. That was Diane's first question, but Leslie gave some song and dance about it being an internal war more than a war between stay-at-home and working moms. The thing is, that's not what the title suggests at all. It's sensational, it's a sellout and it does nothing but perpetuate adversity where it shouldn't exist.

This conversation is falling way flat because of WCPN pledge drive. We're missing the freaking callers on the show. I'm betting there are some great conversations.

Okay. I've got a book deadline next Wednesday and need to get back at it, but rest assured I will pick up this book and write about it later this month.


Scott Kovatch said...

The audio of the show is now available -- go to the show's web site and you can stream it when you're ready.

Jill said...

Thanks Wendy for giving it a go. I'm sure I would have been bashing my poor keyboard to death and, well, you know where I was. Honestly? Given what I was talking about during the Diane Rehm show, can't honestly say if listening to that show would have been less painful!

I will tell you however that I was talking with a friend who is an art therapy professor at Ursaline and knows the folks that were on Around Noon today and when I mentioned the Rehm show this morning, she said yeah, sounded like same old same old and why doesn't anyone ever provide any solutions!!!???

I'm telling ya, buddy - we have got to get us a book! (despite that one comment I got last week about needing to be reported to child services!)

Jerry said...

I wonder if that book laments that facts daddies are taking a deferment from this "war", and why we put a special burden on women to make career sacrifices. I look forward to your review!

Wendy Hoke said...

Thanks, all. Just once I would like to be pleasantly surprised at the thoughtfulness of writing about modern motherhood. I fear it's far easier to slip into easy stereotypes than to explain it for what it is -- a profoundly beautiful and exasperating experience that makes you want to give your all and then take it back sometimes within the space of minutes.

Looking forward to reading the book and will do my best to approach with an open mind.