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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

If your birthday is today...

This year, you open up to new possibilities; you can manifest much of what you desire. Creativity marks your days, actions and words. Others simply enjoy working with you. Those in your personal life enjoy you more than ever. If you are attached, defer to your sweetie and remain sensitive to him or her. You could become quite me-oriented. A fellow Virgo can be like you used to be--nit-picky and critical.

VIRGO **** A New Moon in your sign allows a new beginning wherever you would like it. Charm, ingenuity and energy all mix to help you along. A partner who doesn't always get you wants to be helpful and tries at any costs. Tonight: Others respond to your wishes.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Seeing things differently

Reading "The Artist's Way Every Day: A Year of Creative Living," by Julia Cameron and found resonance in a portion of the entry for August 28th. Been meaning to share because I think it so aptly applies to writing.

"The creative journey is characterized not by a muzzy and hazy retreat from reality but by the continual sorting and reordering and structuring of reality into new forms and new relationships. As artists, we 'see things differently.' In part, this is because we are looking."