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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Book Review: The Nightingale

From time to time, I'll post mini book reviews. As a warning, I'm rarely reading the latest thing.

However, I recently finished Kristin Hannah's 'The Nightingale."

The story of sisters Isabelle and Vianne and their harrowing survival during World War II occupied France hooked me from the beginning. Their stories move through the war in parallel and sometimes intersecting ways. The war and Nazi occupation intensifies and the stakes get higher and higher.

You feel yourself turning page after page to find out how it all ends. The war tested women's courage and forced them to make heart-wrenching decisions to survive and protect their loved ones.

They were underestimated by others and even by themselves. But time and again these sisters-and many others-pushed themselves to the brink in the hopes of just staying alive. Kristin Hannah's story is powerful and heroic, but written in a stark way that leaves little about the realities of war to the imagination. Hannah's story is a sweeping epic that serves as a testament to the many unsung heroes of the resistance.