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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Meme from Jill: Five little known facts about me

Jill tagged me on this meme: Five Little Known Facts About Me. I'm tagging Kristin, Kristen and Lori Hmm, here goes:

1) I have no feeling in the toes of my left foot. This was the source of my sister's constant entertainment growing up. She'd dig her nails into my toes asking, "Can you feel that?" Nope, and I never have. I can't spread my left toes either. When I attempt to make that motion, my toes constrict. Aside from the toe numbness, I always have cold feet. My feet are not my finest feature. Bruised toenails and callouses from running, small in size but high in arches and definitely turned outward in a duckish fashion. In college a girl in my dorm asked if I was a dancer based on how I walk and the disrepair of my feet.

2) I have a propensity to get into little mishaps with my cars that absolutely makes my husband insane! And before him, I drove my Dad nuts. It started when I hit a car in the parking lot of the bank shortly after I got my license. Not long after, I backed into my dad's car as he waited at the end of our driveway while we were rearranging cars for the morning. Ugh! Makes me shudder at the memory. I swiped my side mirror off my old van on a cement pillar at Tower City and, in my haste to pick up Mikey from school, backed my current car into my husband's car on the opposite end of the driveway. He came screaming out of the garage with his arms up helplessly up in the air yelling, "Every f--cking car!" The kicker was my car was fine, but I left a corner dent in the back of his.

3) I like to sing at the top of my lungs in my car, particularly on long drives. Goes back to my hidden desire to be a blues singer in the Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Diana Krall sort of way. When I was a senior in high school I took voice lessons from a woman who was a blues singer. I was — and still am — very insecure about my singing voice. She tried her best to get me to sing with gusto by pushing in my belly and telling me to hold a note until the tip of my nose vibrated. Sometimes I still try it to see if it works.

4) My husband says I have a phone phobia, but I don't. I just absolutely HATE to talk on the phone at night largely due to the amount of time I spend on the phone during the day. If I have the choice, I'd much rather talk to people in person. The mere sound of the home phone ringing after 7 makes me insane. "Who dares to disturb my quiet evening!?"

5) I like all the lights on in the house when it's gloomy outside.


Jill said...

I knew all that. Try again. :)

JUST KIDDING. Thank you dear. I love to be humored.

K-Oh said...

Fun! But I still don't know what meme means. And how was I to know that I had been tagged, other than popping my head in here?

Some of this blogginess still confuses me.