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Thursday, December 28, 2006

If a writer falls in the woods…

If you've ever been in a car accident then you know all about those split-second decisions that can change fate. Yesterday I took Riley for a long walk to the park. We've both been cooped up in the house and needed the exercise.

It was refreshing and I thought I'd worn her out with endless throws of the tennis ball. But I dropped it at one point as we were leaving and, with leash still in hand, she took off. Only I forgot to let go of the leash and my 75-pound dog pulled me up off my feet in something that resembled Superman in flight.

In a split second I was on the asphalt, the brunt of the fall absorbed by my left hand and chin. As I rose I felt dizzy, sure that my legs would give out and breathless from having the wind knocked out of me. I clutched my left wrist, with my pinky finger bleeding and swelling horrifically.

I was instantly freezing cold and shivering and realized I had to walk home somehow. Before I left I considered throwing my cell phone in my hoodie pocket, but decided I would not be chained to modern communication. Oh how I wish I had it then.

I'm no wussy when it comes to pain. The labor and delivery nurse during my last delivery was marveling at how I managed the pains. But this hurt and I was moaning in agony. Somehow I staggered back home and scared the pants off my family when I walked in. Danny managed to pull my wedding rings off from my rapidly swelling finger while Ryan and Patrick fetched ice for my various abrasions.

After a while I felt recovered enough to take a hot shower. But the simplest actions of removing a shirt or washing my hair were excruciating. When I came back downstairs I told Danny that I thought I'd broken my hand or wrist and needed an x-ray. I hate going to the hospital, so he knew I was hurting if I was heading there.

Unbelievably, I did not break anything. They offered to wrap it with an Ace bandage and give me something for the pain. I refused both. I have Ace bandages at home (I have three sons for crying out loud!) and pain meds usually upset my stomach.

I had warned Danny, who insisted on coming to the ER with me, that the docs were going to pull me aside to ask if he'd been beating me. He thought I was kidding, but that's exactly what they did. He was insulted for sure, but he agreed that if asking could help just one person escape a violent relationship then the hassle was worth it to others.

As I gently washed my face before getting into bed last night I noticed my chin had turned a lovely shade of purple in addition to the red abrasion. And I discovered another goose egg over my left eye. Both knees have small abrasions that I didn't notice or feel at all yesterday. Basically, my whole body ached from the impact.

Can't believe I slept at all. The pain is still present today, but it is diminishing. I'll take that as a hopeful sign. Today's walk will be sans Riley.


Kelly Boyer Sagert said...

Sorry to hear . . . ouch!

Lori said...

Oh, Wendy! How awful. Hope you heal quickly.

Jill said...

Aw! Hope the new year wiped all that away. :)