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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I'm stuck, captive in Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Shouldn’t there at least be free wireless as compensation for having my 6:30 flight to Atlanta cancelled? I mean I woke up at 4 a.m. to make sure I had enough time to park, check in and make my way through security. I was on target to get to my gate just in time for final boarding call.

Instead, I’m sitting just this side of security in Concourse B sipping my grande Starbucks coffee since I’ve got the time to kill to finish before boarding. Managed to keep my tension in check as the man in front of me in security poked along and the woman behind me pushed me forward. It’s a ridiculous scene, legions of businesspeople emptying laptops, removing shoes and jackets and belts. Perhaps somewhere some advanced life form is looking at us with complete wonder.

“They make everything so hard, even the most routine.”

Guess I’ll suck up the $3.95 for two hours of wireless so I can at least read my morning papers.

Cleveland poet on Writer’s Almanac
George Bilgere, arguably one of Cleveland’s best poets, is featured today on The Writer’s Almanac. Garrison Keillor reads his poem, “Aria.” Keillor will read two other poems this week: “Once Again I Fail to Read an Important Novel” on Sept. 22 and “Haywire,” the title of his newest book, on Sept. 26. You can catch Bilgere in person at 7 p.m. Monday at Joseph-Beth Booksellers at Legacy Village.

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George Nemeth said...

You would think they'd offer free wifi...