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Saturday, September 23, 2006

All football, all the time

At this time of year, weekends are dominated by one thing — football. Friday night is for high school football games, Saturday morning are flag football games, Saturday afternoon are rec tackle games followed by the college games on TV and Sundays are for, sadly, the Browns.

There’s really no fighting the football fanaticism in my house, so I might as well join them. On Thursday, Ryan’s eighth-grade practice ended a little early and he and his teammates were encouraged to stay to watch the freshmen play. Of course Ryan wouldn’t miss that and watched rapturously as he casually tossed a football up and down in front of his face. He pretended not to see me as I tried to flag him toward the car.

Michael has a Nerf football that he carries with him everywhere, though I won’t let him take it to school. He even sleeps with the darned thing. As I write, he is dressed in his flag team gear (he’s the Chicago Bears) and is talking to himself and throwing the ball and catching it and — most remarkable of all — he can even tackle himself. Danny and I laugh that he is a legend in his own mind. "Touchdown! Mi-chael Ho-oke!"

On Thursday night, all 70 pounds of Patrick earned defensive player of the week on his tackle rec team most notably for a sideline pop at last Saturday's game that could be heard in the stands. I have no idea what went through that kids mind while he was in pursuit.

Ryan is passing on sleeping in this morning to be ball boy for the JV game and then he’ll trot down the street from the high school to the middle school (in the rain it appears) to catch his brother’s game.

Since the Rockets were away (though Ryan went to the game), we decided to go to a movie last night and mix up the usual fall weekend routine. What did we see? Invincible, the story about Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale.

Time to run because my team is clamoring for some eggs, bacon and toast.

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