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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Loving wireless

How did I live without wireless for so long? After just a few short days, it seems impossible to believe I could ever again be chained to the DSL line.

I'm blogging from the comfort of my living room couch, with Mikey snuggled next to me asking, "Does the Internet work down here?" "How about in here?" It's been fun just moving from room to room to check out the signal. So far so good.

I also love the features on the new Microsoft Office. When I get an e-mail, a tiny little window opens on the bottom right-hand side of my screen with a brief description of the e-mail I received. If it's urgent, I can tend to it immediately, if not no biggie.

Tranferring files from one laptop to the other was a huge pain. The boys keep asking if they can delete my old stuff. It's not hurting anything just sitting there so I told them to leave it for now. I haven't yet figured out how to transfer e-mails and I'm not sure I will. That's okay because I have the old ones archived on the old laptop. But I suspect there may be a few e-mails that have slipped through the black hole in between. If you haven't heard back from me on something, chances are I didn't get the e-mail. Feel free to resend.


Chris said...

Heya, Wendy! Wifi is us just lovely, isn't it? favorite time is when I can get out at the picnic table around dawn and get some writing done. That, and beind able to work in the kitchen, near my family, as opposed to the office alone, is just great.

Which Microsoft Office are you using? 2004 for Mac? How does it run on your Macbook?

Wendy Hoke said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for stopping by. I am running Office 2004. The only thing I noticed is that word is slow starting up, but I do like all the extra features, especially in e-mail.

John Ettorre said...

Ah, so that's what it was. You just never got it.