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Friday, June 16, 2006

Farewell, old gal

This has been a hectic six weeks for me. I've finished up some major projects, been traveling a lot, started a part-time job that I'm having difficulty keeping to part-time and I've managed to get a few new assignments that will make writing this summer a load of fun.

I don't mean to neglect all my blogging activity, but it's been a necessity of late. By next week I hope to have settled into more of a summer routine to get some regular posting online. By then I'll be doing it from my new MacBook. Woo Hoo!

My trusty G3 iBook has been good to me over the past five years. It's been around the country and the world with me. It's seen my first daily newspaper feature that led to regular daily newspaper work, my first national magazine columns and stories and has nurtured me through my upstart blogging efforts.

But like the old gal she is, she's a little worn and weathered. The space bar no longer works, which means I've had to retire her traveling days. It's a little tough to get through the airport with a USB keyboard under arm. She's a little slower these days (actually a lot slower) and that gets plenty frustrating. My writing has worn out the letters E, R, T, S, H, N, M on my keyboard.

She also lacks some of the modern technological conveniences that didn't seem important in 2001 -- CD burner, wireless, DVD player. The battery has long-since outlived its usefulness, lasting at best a mere 15 minutes.

After taking the new MacBook for a spin, I can't believe the sharpness in display, the speed, the very cool dashboard feature and the Web-related software. I can kiss Classic operating system goodbye with the newest version of Microsoft Office, which runs on OSX.whatever the latest version is.

For the time being, my little iBook will find a place as the family computer until I get the kids their Dell in time for school to start. But we don't even want to think of school one week into summer vacation.

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