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Friday, March 07, 2008

Philly at first blush

After an uneventful flight (just the way we like 'em), I had a rather harrowing ride into the city. Philly is a lot like New York City with traffic everywhere, only smaller. I was in a shuttle van, riding shotgun, with a bird's-eye view of every near miss—vehicular and pedestrian.

The driver blamed the traffic on the Philadelphia Flower Show, occurring this weekend. Apparently, it's a HUGE draw.

I'm in the Old City neighborhood, which is fantastic with brownstone-lined streets and some lovely little shops and cafes. Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are literally across the street. So I'm going to go do some walking before the weekend begins with a reception at 5.

But before I do, I'll share this little story about how my kids never let me forget who's really in charge. My lovely little Mikey, all of age 9, has a number of silly sayings, one of which is "You need a squoosh in the toosh?" So I'm unpacking, hanging up my clothes and noticed something stuck to the back of my suit jacket for tomorrow. Using my label maker, Mikey made a sticker that read, "I need a squoosh on the toosh."

Can you imagine my horror, walking in tomorrow with that taped to my back? Thank GOD I found it there!

Of course, afterward I started howling laughing because it's just like him to do something like that, just to let me know who is the boss.

I'm out for a stroll.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Now if you hadn't seen the sticker....that would have been something to write home about!

Wendy Hoke said...

No kidding! Oy!