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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More on Jennings

Here's the official press release on the Peter Jennings Fellowship from the National Constitution Center and the list of fellows. We've got some "homework" to do in advance of the weekend. Kinda reminds me of my constitutional law class in college. Somewhere in one of the many boxes marked, "Wendy's stuff" in the basement is my old constitutional law book. It was one of my favorite classes and for a time I actually contemplated law school. (Student loan debt made me rethink that idea.) My professor's favorite word was repugnant and he used to practically spit on us when he said the word, "repugnant," as if he were pushing it out from his gut.


Jill said...

Wendy Hoke, Blogger, Freelance Journalist - SOOOOO COOOOOOOOL!

And one of the moderators is Nina Totenberg! I'm kvelling for you, bubelah!

Wendy Hoke said...

Thanks, Jill. I'm not sure why they refer to me as a blogger when I didn't indicate any of that on my application, but oh well.

I'll have to fill you in on the case study group I'm in. :)

Michelle O'Neil said...

I guess your professor was trying to get you to "feel" the word in a visceral sense. Apparantly, it worked!

Congrats on your fellowship.

Becky said...

Wow. Way to go! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Wendy Hoke said...

We certainly "felt" the word, Michelle. No one dared to sit in the front row. :)

Wendy Hoke said...

Thanks, Becky! More to come. My 13-year-old is psyched that Mark Bowden, author of Blackhawk Down, is also a fellow.