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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stories of Strength

There’s no question that Jill and I are tight pals and supportive writerly companions. But that doesn’t lessen the incredible honor it is for her to be included in the Stories of Strength anthology. If you only know Jill through her blog then you’ve only gotten a little taste of her skill as an essayist.

Her story, “A Real, Super Human,” joins the stories of more than 100 other gifted writers in this amazing collection. And it’s for a good cause. Profits support disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Read on, support the cause and perhaps you'll be inspired to write your own story of strength.

From the site:

“At times tear-jerking, at times humorous, this book is guaranteed to inspire and remind readers that the human spirit knows no boundaries.”


Jill said...

Awwww - thanks, Wendy. I don't know how to type an emoticon with happy tears.

Does this mean I can arrange to have a review PDF copy sent to ya?! :)

Ray Wong said...

Don't forget to review my piece! Hee hee. Jill's great.