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Friday, November 11, 2005

Newsweek and Boomers

Oy! I don't know if I have the strenght to digest yet another Newsweek cover package. Here it is complete with a cliche cover that makes you jump back with fright. Yikes!

Let me know what you think. I've not read and will reserve judgment until after I've spent the weekend reading it. In the name of transparency, I am not a Boomer but part of that cohort born just outside the Boomers. My parents are not Boomers either, but were born just before the Boomers. Technically, I'm Gen X. But I don't find a lot of myself in the stereotypes linked with Gen Xers. So I guess that makes me an oddball, a place I'm wholly comfortable inhabiting.

Anyway, I did a big package of my own on this topic back in 2003 for a quarterly trade pub called The Leading Edge. One of my favorite pieces was on marketing to mature audiences.It's an interesting topic so I'll be curious to see how Newsweek covers the story.

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Jill said...

I can't say f u on here can I? (and that sums up my response after just reading the bolded lede under the title).

Something tells me I am going to HATE this cover story.

'Abbies my a$$. Sorry to muck up your site, Wen.

Once and for all, everyone is aging, dears. Ain't a one of us who isn't. Can't they be more original for Methusala's sake?