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Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday roundup

Read the Guardian Newsblog for an Anglican take on the Judith Miller saga. Don’t forget to read the comments. Interesting discussion.

Consider this from blogger/reporter Stephen Brook:

For many of her crimes, the guilty party was not so much Miller but the newspaper itself. She was badly managed and subsequently shabbily treated – a situation so commonplace in journalism it barely qualifies as news.

Heard at last night's JCU/SPJ program on press, politics and religion
Rev. Donald Cozzens said that the mark of a civilization's success or failure is how it treats the least powerful in its midst. What does that say about our American culture? Food for thought.

Talking Points talking new journalism
Josh Marshall has an interesting new project under wing. He’s developing a blog that weaves all the info bubbling up about the corruption scandals in Washington and how those relate to the upcoming mid-term elections. A freelance writer, Marshall is someone who demands to be listened to because he has three-quarters of a million visitors to TPM monthly. Here's why he's expanding the blog:

But I'm never able to dig deeply enough into the stories or for a sustained enough period of time or to keep track of how all the different ones fit together. That's a site I'd like to read every day -- one that pieced together these different threads of public corruption for me, showed me how the different ones fit together (Abramoff with DeLay with Rove with the shenanigans at PBS and crony-fied bureaucracies like the one Michael Brown was overseeing at FEMA) and kept tabs on how they're all playing in different congressional elections around the country.

That's a site I'd like to read because I'm never able to keep up with all of it myself. So we're going to try to create it.

I don't imagine it will be easy. But it will be an experiment with a new sort of journalism. And I think we'll be able to put something together that the readers of this site will enjoy and find useful. And we're going to try to do that by mobilizing the resources we've already built with TPM and TPMCafe.

Oh, and by the way? He’s hiring.

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