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Thursday, September 29, 2005

No school today

Phone rang at 6:30 this morning. It seems last night’s winds knocked out power to the Bay Schools, and so there’s no school today. We all reveled in that news, heading back to sleep for an extra hour.

Having a throwback kind of day with young Michael. The big boys ditched him to go up to our neighborhood park to play football (as if they don’t already get enough of that during the week). He was heartbroken that he couldn’t go with them. Though I'm sure he could hold his own with them, I don't really want him exposed to that many teenagers.

As consolation for being stuck with mom, first he wanted to go to Target to get a football (we have at least a dozen already). Then he wanted McDonald’s for lunch (he had it for dinner last night and more than once in a week violates my fast food consumption code). I sat with him in our favorite reading chair and told him that even though they were off school, Mom still had to do some work. We were staying put.

This news did not go over well. How to distract him…

I suggested he watch a movie, something he hasn’t done in ages, and he chose Disney’s version of “Peter Pan.” That’s quite a departure from our usual fare of “Coach Carter,” “Austin Powers,” etc. Mikey turned it on while I made him some macaroni and cheese for lunch.

As I listen to Father Darling howl, "Wennndddyyy," I chuckled to myself. Must be something with the name. Mostly, I had forgotten how peaceful the sounds of Disney movies are at lunchtime. Makes me want to grab my woobie and take a nap.

Alas, I couldn't convince Mikey. He's back outside and on his bike and I'm back at my desk.

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Greta Garbo said...

Sounds like my house. Judging from my daughter, it's a blast to give baby bottle nipples to the dog.