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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A tiny treasure

I've done so many book reviews lately that I forget what is running until I open the Wednesday paper. Though I don't normally do this, I've got to share with you this review from today's Plain Dealer.

For anyone longing for spring, searching for clarity or who simply enjoys good writing, Ghosts in the Garden by Beth Kephart is a wonderful treat. In fact, it's more than a treat, it's a keeper. And that's saying something since most of these books move from my desk to an ever-growing stack of books to donate. A treasured few find a permanent home on the shelf by my bed next to Anna Quindlen's A Short Guide to a Happy Life.

As of today, I have 16 review books sitting on my desk waiting to be read. The decision of which to read is usually a mixture of size (how much other work do I have this week), variety (tend not to do two Buddhist books in a row) and subject.

I chose this one because of its March publication date, the subject of gardens sounds good during a March snowstorm and its slim size during a heavy month of writing offered a bit of ease for me.

But finding a hidden gem that speaks to the soul in the book stack? Now that's priceless.

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