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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Send the elevator back down

Have to direct your attention to Gregory Favre’s column posted late yesterday on Poynter. I've been a passionate mentor to a handful of young journalists because I feel it's part of my responsibility. There are some treasured folks in my life who have had a profound impact on my writing and career choices. It is by their example that I strive to give a hand to others.

Favre writes:

I often think about the people who gave me chances when I was young and raw and much too sure of myself. They, and a lot of others who followed in the years to come, took a chance on me. For that, there is a permanent place in my hall of memories for them.

It's why when I was able to start hiring people I wasn't as much interested in how many years of experience applicants had, but rather what that they had in their heads and hearts. What you could see in them that often couldn't see in themselves. Those are the credentials that should count most of all. Not whether or not you have had five years in a newsroom.

We are stewards of this craft of journalism. And as stewards, we have an obligation, as Favre writes, "to send the elevator back down" to give a hand to those coming after us.

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