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Thursday, March 10, 2005


The worst thing about working by yourself is when things are going crappy and you feel yourself spiraling downward, there's no one to pull you out of your head long enough to see the bright side.

This week has progressively gone downhill and at this particular moment I would like nothing more than to crawl inside a deep dark hole and sleep for days. I'm frustrated, disappointed, angry (mostly at myself) and feeling unable to improve the situation.

I'm not sleeping well, despite taking Nyquil to knock out a wicked cold, and my old friend anxiety is lurking outside my office door. Lack of sleep, anxiety and illness are my axis of evil and I find myself unable to write well, think clearly, solve problems, execute. I can't do my job well and it's showing.

Time for a change of scenery...

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Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Wendy,

Yeah, been there, done that. Not that that helps you at all. I'm sure you know all the standards--take a walk, get some new music form the library, kidnap a friend and do something crazy-- so I won't go there.

My best remedy is to visit a new coffee shop and do some serious people watching. It's fun to figure out what the woman in the beige sweater is REALLY thinking.


Jeff Hess