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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

September 8, 2004

For years I clipped this out of the PD and pasted into my journals, so it seems only fitting that this year I post on my blog.

If today is your birthday: You have an unusually creative and dynamic way of expressing yourself, which surprises many and delights others. You express your uniqueness. Partnerships reflect this very same eccentricity. Give up your ideas of how others should be. As a result, you will flex and gain. Network and make new friends. During 2005 you might reach one of your financial peaks if you walk a conservative path.

And from today’s Washington Post:
IF SEPTEMBER 8 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: . . . you are more interested in defending what is important to you than in other people's views today. There is a boost in your physical energy and the ability to lead others now, but you may have a tough time maintaining the momentum. Work fast if you have irons in the fire. Expect to receive rewards for your hard work in January and an important improvement in your life. By next spring, a new factor could affect your life, and a compelling partnership may become the center of your universe.

I’m off to New York City today for five days packed full of great stuff—networking, seeing New York, meeting my idols, catching up with SPJ friends and meeting new friends…

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