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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Frances in NYC

Hurricane Frances has settled in New York City. Not even the remnants of a hurricane can dampen my spirits. It's great to be back. Today is packed with meetings, starting this morning when I'm meeting with Digna Sanchez, executive director of Learning Leaders, a volunteer organization serving the needs of New York City public school children. Had just enough time to grab coffee and the Times, check e-mail and head to the Subway.

They say if you stand in the middle of Grand Central Station at 5 p.m. you'll run into someone you know within 10 minutes. I hadn't even walked into the building yesterday at 5:15 and I heard my name called. It was Bruce Cadwallader, SPJ's Region 4 director and a reporter at the Columbus Dispatch. Pretty cool...

Enjoyed a glass of wine with Marcello at the Oyster Bar. He told me that people come to his little nook to smooth the transition between the city and their real life at home in the suburbs. Bartenders are great observers of life, philosophizing on the human race as seen from the wide-angle view available behind the bar. Marcello's only rule at the bar is no ringing cell phones. If your phone rings, you have to buy a round of drinks.

Gotta catch the Lexington No. 6 local downtown.

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