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Friday, July 23, 2004

Why I love my job

Okay, here's why I love what I do:

In working on my massive Office Depot cover story, I had occasion to speak with some small female-owned companies who do business with the corporate giant. And how nice it was to find myself chatting this afternoon with Betty Maul, president of FrontEnd Graphics in Cherry Hill, N.J. She has one of those bright, cheerful voices that sounds as if she's been awaiting your call with rapture. She was in theater and describes herself as a fiery redhead. I love her already.

And so we chatted about business (the difference between large corporations and small businesses), life (you've got to do what you're passionate about), raising three kids (hers are now grown), owning your own business (an FBI agent once sat in peanut butter when he came to interview her about doing work for Lockheed Martin, and the state tax board rep used to sip lemonade on the front porch with her kids) and New York. She told me to call her next week when I'm in the city and she'd meet me for a drink. And she suggested I eat at Giovanni's, see "Wicked" on Broadway, visit Times Square at night and tour the city on the double-decker bus ("above the throngs of people").

I confessed to her that I was feeling very low before our conversation. Her reply: "Isn't what's great about owning your own business that things can turn on a dime?"


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