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Monday, May 10, 2004

Remembering what it's all about

Been getting carried away lately with work. I have to admit I'm very excited at all the new opportunities. Been putting in a lot of extra time—late nights, early mornings, after dinner. And it was starting to show in my family who wondered who the heck the person was who pounded away on the computer in the office day and night. I took a deep breath this weekend and remembered what this career move was all about.

I resisted the urge all weekend long to get a jump on the week. It was Mother's Day weekend and work would just have to wait until today—which it did. I'm no further behind and I even had time to take a bike ride with Michael up to our neighborhood park. After all, the point of my working from home was to have more time with the kids, not less.

So after a flurry of activity these past three months, trying to get business, I finally feel as if I've hit my groove. And so it was with great joy that Mikey and I jumped on the swings at Bradley Park and laughed and flew and soaked up the warm sun. I confess I had the cell phone in my pocket, but that was mostly in case the older two boys got home from school before we returned. (I only checked voicemail once!)

It's hard to stop working sometimes when what you do for living doesn't feel like work. But I made this move to achieve a life balance and my husband was correct in pointing out that the scale was tipping heavily in favor of work. I listened and I'm going to keep working on it. There will still be times when deadlines preclude play time, but I'm working on managing it all just a little better than I have been. I know I keep saying this, but just bear with me, guys.

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