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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Odds and ends

Deadlines are looming, so I've not much time to blog today. I received an e-mail this morning from Ayad Rahim who has arrived safely in Baghdad. Check out his blog to learn about his trip and his observations.

Congratulations to the investigative reporting team at The Toledo Blade on its Pulitzer Prize. Unfortunately, the team was slighted in a ridiculous move by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review because The Blade is owned by the Block family, which also owns rival newspaper Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. SPJ hopes to invite Executive Editor Ron Royhab, who got his start at The Lorain Journal, and the team in for a special program. Stay tuned for details.

Ever wonder what happens during the Pulitzer judging? Read Keith Wood's Pulitzer Juror's Tale.

Hot off the presses, I've received the working list of programming for the Society of Professional Journalists National Convention in New York City Sept. 9-12. Without revealing all the dirty details, there are sessions on: making the jump to national freelance writing; working in a war zone; covering Wall Street to Main Street; blogging; press freedom around the globe; 2004 TV election coverage; Journalism under friendly fire with Bill Moyers; and free press vs. fair trial (Tyco trial coverage). There's so much more, including the following headliners: Walter Conkrite, Brian Williams, Tom Curley and Clarence Page. And, yes, this year they have actually included women as panelists.

Local author Sarah Willis is getting lots of ink and air these days. John Freeman did a nice review of her book, "A Good Distance" in Sunday's Plain Dealer. And she and Dee Perry had a lively conversation on today's Around Noon program on WCPN. I'm interested in her book, but she talked about something else of great interest. She has an east side writer's club... a safe place to share writing and ideas with comrades. I love the idea of having this sacred space of trusted colleagues and friends who offer useful advice. Maybe I'll start one on the west side. Or maybe Sarah wouldn't mind a west sider in her group…

Finally, this is a week of meetings so imagine my glee when I saw this month's Inc. magazine in today's mail with it's cover story screaming, "Escape from Meeting Hell: 15 ways to make meetings productive, creative and even fun." Can't wait to read it. But it's back to deadlines.

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