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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jay Rosen asks Romenesko readers...

"If the McCain campaign says the [New York] Times is not a legitimate news source why does the Times have to treat McCain as a legitimate candidate?"
What do you think?

In case you missed it, this question stems from a Times article about McCain campaign adviser Rick Davis's ties to Fannie and Freddie and his and Steve Schmidt's reaction in a conference call with reporters calling the Times an illegitimate news source that's "in the tank" for Sen. Obama.

Watch the YouTube audio of the conference call here.

This campaign is rapidly spinning into never-before-seen levels of ridiculousness that are an insult to the American people. Do we have any hope of seeing a frank, intelligent discussion about issues at Friday's debate? Wake me up when it's over.


LilaTovCocktail said...

Wow. My gut reaction is that Schmidt has done the McCain campaign a disservice.

He would have been better off insinuating sotto voce that he fears the NYTimes has recently fallen under the pernicious influence of partisanship. That's potentially plausible. The claim that the Times has turned itself wholesale into an an Obama election engine, however, is overstated and implausible.

For anyone who actually reads the Times, it remains "the paper of record." In fact, its reputation for accuracy (if not fairness) is so monumental that Schmidt's remarks have the opposite of their intended effect: Instead of casting doubt on the integrity of the Times, they cast doubt on the integrity of McCain (and his bombastic campaign staff).

I found myself thinking "Wow, I wasn't aware that the NYTimes was publishing so many negative articles McCain. If it's in the Times, there's definitely something to it."

LilaTovCocktail said...
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LilaTovCocktail said...

Can I just say, when Davis says, "I appreciate all the coverage the New York Times is giving me ... I feel they must have something of Davis envy, I get so much attention from them," is he aware that he's comparing himself to a penis?

Just a thought.

Wendy A. Hoke said...

Lila, I just did a spit take on that last comment. :)

I thought Davis was quite full of himself for thinking this was all about him and not his freaking boss!

I would agree with you that McCain's lackeys did the campaign a disservice by blowing up at the Times.