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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday miscellany

What day is it? This mid-week holiday has thrown off my internal calendar.

Tony and Eva got nothing on Big Mike and Steph
That's right, our good friend Big Mike is finally tying the knot this weekend. Most of our friends married the summer of 1994 (when I was pregnant with Patrick) and we had 10 weddings between May 15 and Labor Day weekend. So we've waited a LONG time for this one.

And so has Big Mike. He's found a wonderful woman and we're looking forward to celebrating with them all weekend. My hubby is in the wedding, so we're fumbling around trying to figure out logistics for the day, forgetting all that goes into weddings.

DANNY: "After the church, we'll take the boys home, chill and then head the reception."

ME: "No, you are in the wedding party. You'll have to go for pictures. I'll take the kids home and chill, grab a ride from someone else and meet you at the reception."

MIKEY: "Does this mean Hunter and me will be cousins?"

Hunter is Steph's son from her first marriage who is the same age as Mikey. Mikey seems to think Big Mike is his uncle. I had to explain that while he and dad are close friends, they are not related. Although I believe somewhere down the line, they are like fourth cousins by marriage or something. It's all very confusing, very West Side Irish Catholic. They're all related somehow.

Anyone having Road Runner problems?
Saw a post on a writer's forum recently about problems with Road Runner e-mail service. Is anyone in Northeast Ohio having problems? I've been pitching right and left and I'm concerned that maybe I should resend from Gmail account. For the record, Road Runner service stinks.

Still looking for Web designers
Got a few names, but I'm still looking for possible Web designer for my site. Please send me an e-mail with "Web designer" in subject line if you've got a suggestion.

Small world
SPJ launched another marketing push to editors and freelancers to promote our Freelancer Directory. As the contact person on the release, I had the pleasure of hearing from a few folks I haven't seen or heard from in a dozen or more years.

Great "works" display
Bay Village isn't exactly known for its fireworks display, but last night's show was better than in recent years, lasting 20 minutes from test to finale. But there were some new works, including one that looks like a waterfall in the sky. Very cool.

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Kent said...

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