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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I wasn't gonna comment, but...

I think it's fair to say that objectively speaking country singer Faith Hill is a beautiful woman. That she's 39 (about to turn 40 in September, much like yours truly) and has three children only adds to her beauty. So I wonder how she feels, especially given that she has three daughters, about her likeness being altered so dramatically on the cover of Redbook?

Gawker's Jezebel uncovered this "Photoshop of Horrors" and uses animation and a second numerically annotated version to show us how Faith was airbrushed into being on its July cover.

Of course the editors defend the alterations, and of course she's in an image-conscious industry. But don't you think it's the responsibility of celebrity women to push for a true likeness of themselves (ala Kate Winslet and GQ) and of smart editors to oblige?

Are we that horrified by crow's feet?


Jill said...

You got to this before me, friend. I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for posting.

Michelle O'Neil said...

So sad.

Kelly said...

Methinks we're horrified by our culture of false perfection. Yuck.

Lori said...

Someone is certainly horrified by what women really look like. The *really* horrifying part is that so many real women buy into this absurd standard of anorexic, smooth plastic "beauty."

The Redbook editors' defense that it is common for photos to be altered this way is pathetic. Most women's magazines are such an unappealing bunch of junk — what a wasted opportunity for a magazine with the tagline "love your full life" to recognize the absurdity, embrace women as they really are, and open up a whole new audience of those of us fed up with this BS.


Wendy Hoke said...

what a wasted opportunity for a magazine with the tagline "love your full life" to recognize the absurdity,

I couldn't agree more. Thank you, my friends, for taking a moment to sound off on this one. The more I think about it, the more it really pisses me off.

Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Wendy,


Women shouldn't have their pictures taken (or allow themselves to be seen in public) after age 16!



p.s. locally, i get ill every time i read the tag line on the cleveland jewish news' shop-till-you-drop jStyle magazine: a magazine dedicated to the art of living well. i also love that it lowercases the j for jewish. how apporpriate is that?