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Monday, March 19, 2007

A pleasing thought

"When I write, I aim in my mind not toward New York but toward a vague spot a little east of Kansas. I think of the books on library shelves, without their jackets, years old, and a countryish teen-aged boy finding them, and having them speak to him." — John Updike


ohdave said...

What are you reading, Wendy?

I had the day off today and read about 2/3 of Paul Aster's Brooklyn Follies. Not bad.

I just finished and reviewed at my site Martin Amis' new novel, which is weird.

Wendy Hoke said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for stopping by. I'll check out your review.

I'm currently reading Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories." I'm also reading "A Concise History of the Catholic Church," by Thomas Bokenkotter.

I'm vacationing in Florida in early April. Do you have some recommended reads while I have the luxury of time?


ohdave said...


Atonement, by Ian McEwen
Saturday, by Ian McEwan
Brooklyn Follies, by Paul Auster (I'm reviewing this week)


Incentive of the Maggot by Ron Slate

anything by Billy Collins...selected poems, whatever...Collins is really fun


Eavesdropping (a memoir) by Stephen Kuusisto (an Ohioan)

Wendy Hoke said...

Excellent! I was at Half-Price Books today and had a volume of Billy Collins poetry in hand but then found "The Optimist's Daughter" by Eudora Welty and picked that up instead along with "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" by Carson McCullers.

I've had Atonement on my reading list for some time. I'm going to add that to my stack because at the rate I'm reading, I'll get through my new stack before vacation arrives.

Thanks for the reccs!