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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The vividness of memory

"There are people who stick in one's memory much more clearly after a brief acquaintance than others whom one sees day after day over a long period. Aunt Eva was certainly one of those vivid people, someone my memory and imagination have conspired to preserve in living color for twenty years. I have sometimes used Aunt Eva to fill the shoes of characters in books, or figures in history; for example, she stepped in automatically when I encountered Madame Merle, the personable schemer in Henry James' Portrait of a Lady."
— Character of Paul in The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

There are those people we meet and perhaps get to know whose impact on our world is so profound that their visage will play on in continuous mental loop rewarding us with their Technicolor likeness even when cataracts prohibit us from clearly seeing our own image in a mirror.

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