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Friday, January 26, 2007

Add this to my book list

Just got the regular update from the The Merton Center with a new list of publications by, about or inspired by Thomas Merton.

Put this one on my list.

Here's a partial description from the book publisher, New Seeds:

Merton’s thoughts on writing have never been compiled into a single volume until now. Robert Inchausti has mined the vast Merton literature to discover what he had to say on a whole spectrum of literary topics, including writing as a spiritual calling, the role of the Christian writer in a secular society, the joys and mysteries of poetry, and evaluations of his own literary work. Also included are fascinating glimpses of his take on a range of other writers, including Henry David Thoreau, Flannery O’Connor, Dylan Thomas, Albert Camus, James Joyce, and even Henry Miller, along with many others.


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Wendy,

Thanks for the tip. I ordered the book this afternoon.



Wendy Hoke said...

Hi Jeff,
I've ordered it as well. We'll have to compare notes in a few weeks.