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Thursday, October 12, 2006

My new favorite pen

I have a passion for good pens and am always on a quest to find the perfect ballpoint. While I've used the gels and rollerball pens and flairs and, of course, the Sharpie, my favorite pen has always been the Bic Accountant extra fine point pen preferrably in blue ink, though I do like a little variety.

Those pens are very hard to find and not readily had at the local office supply store or Target. So I decided this morning at Office Max to take the new TUL pens for a test spin.

I even went so far as to ask the cashier to open a box of 12 fine blue ballpoints so I could try before I buy. I wrote "test" on a scrap piece of paper at the counter. "Ooohh, this is nice. I'll take the whole box," I told the cashier.

I wasted no time putting the pen to use since I had to go to an assignment following my slightly-longer-than-expected trip to Office Max. The pen didn't disappoint. It flows smoothly, writes cleanly and generally feels good in my hand. Plus, it delivers that super-fine line that helps me to write more neatly -- and that's important in my line of work. I tend not to like the gel or rollerball pens for taking notes during interviews because I'm a very fast -- and sloppy -- writer and those tend to smudge and blur. Fortunately, I often take notes on my computer while interviewing people over the phone because I type much faster (and more accurately) than I write.

I used to have magnificent penmanship. All that went to hell when I went to college, started furiously taking notes and then decided to take notes for a living.

When forced to slow down, I can write beautifully still. And as I look over my notes from this morning, I see that the extra fine precision writing instrument has helped with my legibility. Good news all around. I can see the ad campaign now: The TUL pen helps me do my job better!

Of course now I'll have to find a sufficient hiding place for the extras in my box of 12. It seems that my sons share my love of good pens. It's my own fault. I've encouraged them by only buying good writing instruments, including Ticonderoga and mechanical pencils. If the older two see my new pens they'll be after those, too.


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Jill said...

Wen, I love this entry! Which one of the TUL on that page to which you linked are you using?

Wendy Hoke said...

Hi there, Jill. I prefer the fine-point ballpoint stick pen in blue ink.

Robin said...

Wendy: You are so right. I found the new TUL at the check-out stand at a STAPLES in Santa Fe and bought it and ran out of ink so fast. I have been searching in STAPLES in California for the same pen and it is nowhere.
I want to thank you and JILL for helping me get back on track.

I will be ordering this one....the fine-point ballpoint stick pen in blue ink. YOU helped me Wendy and JILL..thanks for helping! When I am grateful to people like yourselves, I can't wait to let you know! This TUL pen is wonderful.
Robin D. Williams

Wendy Hoke said...

Thank you, Robin. So glad to help.

Chus said...

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