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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I'm in Web-design hell! Wish I was proficient in this stuff to just crank out my Web site. Was up until 2 a.m. trying to make a dent in the design. This morning I took a look at my progress and decided to change the whole front page. Now I can't get my navigation to work. Unfortunately, I can't get back to the site until evening when my brain is not at its finest.

I can draw what I want, I just can't create it. I'm using Freeway 4 Pro, which is supposed to be easy for the HTML-impaired. It is easy in some respects, but I can't make the whole thing work and I don't understand enough about it to know what I'm doing wrong. Ugh!

Can't I just snap my fingers and have this done? Or pay someone to do it for me? Anyone?

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Amy Green said...

Hey Wendy,

I've got a friend who's freelancing in Web design. Let me know if you'd like me to share his contact information.