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Saturday, August 19, 2006

What dreams may come

In the days prior to the start of a new school year, my dreams are always fraught with the bizarre, the forgotten, the humiliating. etc. My mom used to have the "we overslept and missed the bus on the first day of school" dream every year. The same can be said for my dreams prior to leaving town for a big convention or conference. That those two events are overlapping this week is enough to turn me into a zombie.

This morning I awoke after having a dream about not being able to find my work clothes for the conference. I was in sweat pants (which I never wear) and hadn't showered and I was supposed to be dressed in a suit for a reception. Decided that today I'm going to get some of my clothes together even though I don't leave until very early Wednesday morning.

Yesterday morning, I awoke pre-dawn after dreaming the middle school had changed Patrick's teachers (who are incredible this year) to a cross between a nasally school secretary and baby-talking preschool teacher. I grabbed his schedule, tacked to his bulletin board, and was relieved to see that nothing had changed from earlier in the summer.

Since tomorrow we're off to Columbus for my nephew Charlie's christening, today is all about getting last-minute school stuff together and getting organized for my trip. There's only one cure for such sleeplessness: lists. Once I start crossing things off those lists, the dreams dissipate. First up is the most important one detailing all homefront events next week, including:

Ryan's first football scrimmage
Michael's open house
Patrick's football practice
Trip to Costco to buy lunch stuff
Ryan's eighth-grade pool party
PSR sign-ups
Pick up mom at airport Sunday morning

Danny is such a trooper. Don't know how I'd do this without a supportive spouse. Surely I'd never sleep.

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