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Monday, April 24, 2006

The Hoke Clan

The Hoke clan on the beach -- and this isn't even everyone. One family staying at another place missed the group photo before sunset.

The older brothers Hoke. Actually, they are not all brothers. From left to right they are:
Brian (first cousin but might as well be brother / aka Bob)
Danny (my hubby, aka Stupe, Tahz and "that mean scary guy in my pool," according to Little Lucy Hoke (age 2-1/2)
Jack (in the backround hiding his wet clothes because he was fishing / aka Big Daddy, Lanky (he's 6'4")
Jimmy (the favorite uncle among all the kids, known for very loud outbursts and one-liners and father of seven ages 17 to Lucy)
Tom (the oldest brother present in the absence of Michael / aka Tiny)
Chris Schmidt (niece Kelly's fiance and virtual member of the family because they've been dating for 10 years / aka Schmidthead)

I just love this photo. This is Clare and Moira — cousins, not sisters. They are as sweet as punch and were fascinating to watch.

Now these guys were so fun. We're even missing a couple — someone grabbed Mikey by the sunburn shoulders so he was in no mood for the photo. Cousins Ted (14) and Jacob (11) weren't there. When it's time for an outing, I got to take boys to the Nike Outlet.
Pictured in front are:
Christopher (11)
Patrick (11)
Mark (11)
Kevin (12)
And in back are:
Matthew (15)
Ryan (13)

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