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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Today's hodge podge

Today is another mishmash of items:

Strange bedfellows
The press has found an unlikely friend in former Sen. Bob Dole, who penned this op-ed in yesterday’s New York Times in support of a federal shield law. Dole makes several points worth noting:

1) “If state rather than federal authorities were conducting this investigation, Ms. Miller most likely would not be in jail.”

2) “I am also greatly concerned about Judith Miller's situation because she has been incarcerated as a result of an investigation into possible violations of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, of which I was a sponsor. The law was intended to protect covert intelligence operatives whose lives would be endangered if their identities were publicly disclosed.” [emphasis added]

3) “…the imprisonment of Judith Miller will be even more troubling if it turns out that no violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act has occurred. As she sits in jail, Congress can honor her commitment to principle and her courage, and that of all reporters who have helped expose wrongdoing by protecting their sources, by passing the Lugar-Pence bill and creating a federal privilege for reporters.”

My favorite time of day
I simply love the blue glow of the pre-dawn hours. There’s serenity in that hour that calms me and sets me to dreaming—a good start to rest of my day.

Irwin Gratz in Cleveland
SPJ’s fearless leader, Irwin Gratz, is speaking today at The City Club. He joined members of the Cleveland Chapter board for dinner last night at The Harp.

Today’s noontime panel will discuss the use of confidential sources. Join us if you can!

Nike’s new ad campaign
The Times featured this article about marketers turning their attention to “real women” to sell their goods. I say, ’bout time. Of course, we’re still peddling women’s bodies to sell stuff, but that’s a losing battle.

This week, Nike is introducing a humorous print and online campaign for exercise gear, frankly glorifying body parts that until now were almost never seen in ads, much less celebrated. One ad, which begins boldly, "My butt is big," features an oversize photograph of the derrière in question.

Another Nike ad declares, "I have thunder thighs," while a third asserts: "My shoulders aren't dainty or proportional to my hips. Some say they are like a man's. I say, leave men out of it."

Click here to see the new ad campaign.

What body part do you relate to most?

1 comment:

Jill said...

Wen - How come Nike's intro re: what does your body say cuts off at the ankles? Because me? I'm clicking on the bunions, well, almost bunions, born of a thousand shoes that didn't fit and Nana's genes. Bunions speak to me because when pampered by pedicures, I want to flaunt my toes and romp barefoot (although my right foot currently has a three inch by four inch black and blue on it from my carry-on luggage's metal handle which fell over onto my bare foot while going through security). When I've worn shoes that don't fit, I'm painfully aware. Both those situations mirror a lot of my life.

Thanks for making me have fun thoughts.