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Monday, August 08, 2005

Back to the grind

Amazing what happens when you're gone for a week.

• Iraqi insurgent attack resulting in death of Ohio Marines
• Barbara Byrd-Bennett resigns followed failed levy
• Peter Jennings dies of lung cancer

There's so much to write about this week and I'll try to squeeze it in as best I can. But today I'm dealing with a sick dog. So sad. I hated taking Riley to the kennel. We even came home a day early and were able to pick her up Friday night. But she's had stomach problems ever since. It's almost as bad as dealing with a sick kid, only she can't tell me what's making her feel bad and she's very lethargic.

Boys start football practice today and of course the heat and humidity are climbing. But they admitted to me that they are ready for school to start. It's a boy thing. I think they function better with routines and schedules.

But we did have a very pleasant week away. Wish I was better at relaxing but since I'm self-employed I always feel a pull to check on things, even when I don't actually do so. Hardly slept Saturday night wondering what I may have left untended and so awoke early Sunday and spent two and a half hours going through e-mail. Glad I did because last night I finally slept well.

I'd like to share some photos of the trip, but everytime I try to upload an image, my browser crashes. Oh well. I bought a Nikon Coolpix 4600 the night before we left and had a ball playing around with it on vacation. Got some great photos of the kids in the surf and the beautiful scenery.

Read two books and started a third. Finally read The DaVinci Code. A great beach read. Read my many magazines that were piling up and just sat with my eyes closed enjoying the sounds and smells of the surf. Taught Patrick how to duck under or dive through a wave and did some major boogie boarding.

We had a good time, but one of the best parts of vacation is coming home rested. So with this post, Creative Ink is officially back to work. Will post more as time permits.

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Steve FitzGerald said...

Let me be the first to welcome you back! Sounds like you had a blast being away!

All the Best,