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Monday, July 25, 2005

The week ahead

Why do we have to work like dogs in order to leave for stinking week's vacation?

The family is pulling out at 6 a.m. on Friday for the Outer Banks (yeah!), but before Friday I've got to write two book reviews, a column, a feature story, attend two meetings, one last baseball game, buy two birthday presents (for two birthday parties this week), deposit Riley at the kennel, take Ryan to his physical, get an oil change in the van and somehow in there find time to pack. (Boo!)

And I wonder why I'm such a psychotic freak before every vacation. It's over-freaking-whelming!

Postings this week will either be short, erratic or (possibly, though I'll try to resist) ranting. And then Creative Ink is going on vacation for a week. I'll not be bringing the laptop, nor will I be bringing any book I HAVE to read. I am looking forward to unplugging and recharging the old battery.

Jill's a blogger
My good pal Jill Zimon has finally launched her blog, Writes Like She Talks, which if you know Jill personally is a perfect choice of titles. Welcome, Jill.

Almost there

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Jill said...

Can I come with you? Please? That picture is so seductive. Thanks for the blog nod. What a learning curve. Don't be surprised at how many e-mails you have with me when you return from vacation, with titles like, How do I know if anyone's reading this? Am I supposed to care if anyone's reading this? How do I erase the blog from the Internet AND whomever's read it's memory?

Have an awesome vacation - you deserve it.