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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A little experiment

So Ryan and I were chatting the other day in the car about teen stuff and writing about teen stuff and I mentioned it would be great to start a Web site geared toward the more "normal" end of parenting teens, whatever the heck that is.

And then I thought, it would be oodles of fun to have him (and eventually other teens) write a bit from time to time about being a kid and dealing with parents, yada, yada, yada.

Here's Ryan's most pressing issue of the moment:

Okay, so you've been talking on the phone with your friends and there's a big party and everyone in the entire seventh grade will be there. Then your parents tell you that you're babysitting that night. What do you do, especially when they don't pay you a DIME!?

Eek! Okay, maybe this isn't what I bargained for. So I very diplomatically explain how important it is for mom and dad to get a little time away from home together. And how it's your duty as oldest child to care (cash-free) for your younger siblings. We've all done it before.

Screw younger siblings, it's all about me!

Ah, yes, and so it is. But isn't there a happy middle ground, somewhere maybe?

Heck no! Not unless you're going to cough up the cash!

So it's really all about you and cash, right?

Correctamundo. I need the green to support my social life.

So let's talk specifics, Ry-Guy. What is fair pay for say three hours of babysitting your brothers who essentially care for themselves on a Saturday night?

Three hours of babysitting, let's say $25 clams and call it a night.

Okay, I'm mathematically challenged, but trying to figure this out. $25 divided by hours = $8.33 per hour divided by two children in your charge equals $4.17 per kid per hour. Hmmm. Let me think about this.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Alright, already! It's a deal. Jeez, Dad and I thought we were done paying for sitters. Didn't know we'd have to pony up the dough for our kid to watch our other kids.

Looks like we have a winner, Hank! Mom, treaty accepted. This is what I call a win-win. But if you and dad can be home by 9, can I still go to the party?


In need of some techy help
There's no question that in the next six months I'm going to have to lay out some cash for some technology — new computer, software, Web site. I don't need help with the computer stuff — I'm a diehard Mac fan. That's a no-brainer.

Thing is, I'd like to create a Web site that allows me to post samples of my work, bio info, photos, contact, etc. The realization that I don't have access to my PD stories in electronic format led me to panic when trying to send samples to a national magazine editor recently. Given the flurry of pitching I've been engaged in, I'd like to be able to point editors to a site.

I'd also like to keep the blog, but a search of Creative Ink as a domain reveals the URL is taken. Huge bummer.

Any suggestions on expanding my Web presence, my friends? I'd be willing to barter writing services for Web design services. Or I'd take suggestions on software that would allow me to do it myself.



Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Wendy,

Thank you for the SPJ stuff.

I'm paying something linke $3.60/month for more space than I can deal with right now. That includes full support for Word Press and a lot more software. I think it's a sweet deal myself.

If I really wanted to I could upload my entire morgue (20+ years of writing) with photos and not even feel the crunch.

And as far as Apple is concerned...
Don't be tempted by the Dark Side, stick with Apple forever.



MommyCool said...

First, I tell my kids that you are a member of this family and we work together as a team. Members are required to watch one another from time to time, babysit. Or cut the lawn. That's being a team member. Mom didn't get paid to have you - you don't get paid to participate in supporting your family either.

For bloggin, WordPress is free and works great - see Server space can run $4-$8 a month for a good deal.

Amy Green said...

Hey, Wendy! As I am just as technologically challenged, rather than build a Web site I paid for a listing. The job offers I've gotten have been mostly stuff I'm not interested in, but it's been helpful when I've made snail-mail pitches that editors have lost. When I follow up with an e-mail, rather than send another package I just point the editor to This has resulted in two pretty major sales, and another time I sent the link to another editor who I had worked with for more than a year, and I just wanted to let her know what else I'd been up to.

The listings are easy to do and easy to update. You can check mine out if you want. Search for writers in Tennessee. There aren't many of us.

Take care,