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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mental health breaks

Last Friday I woke up and decided I needed a mental health day. You'd think that being self-employed I would do so more often. Sadly, that's rarely the case. Though I'm thinking I must change that in the next several months.

After having a delightful coffee break and conversation with fellow scribe, Kristen Hampshire, I decided against rushing back to e-mail, voicemail and deadlines. After picking up a wrap for my cursed iliotibial band (the source of my knee pain) at Second Sole, I decided to grab my mail and head up to Crocker Park.

Perhaps it's my west side bias, but I find as "lifestyle centers" go, Crocker Park is far more conducive to hanging out than Legacy Village. So with nothing except my latest New Yorker, Atlantic and Quill magazines and my review book, I parked myself on a bench and sat soaking up the sun and the words.

It was heavenly, decadent almost. And much needed. The little break was great, but I'm even more excited about a long break in the form of a summer vacation. Last night we booked our beach house for the first week of August in the Outer Banks. I've already decided against bringing the laptop and anything I HAVE to read. What I crave is the ocean and some R & R.

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