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Monday, November 03, 2008

Election eve anxiety

I may have to walk away from the TV and the laptop tonight. I'm feeling anxious about tomorrow and it's compelling me to read everything I possibly can in the hopes that I'll find the keystone to tomorrow's outcome.

Logically, of course, I know the tomorrow must be endured, but I wish I could snap my fingers and have it be Wednesday. Polls have predicted as best they can, robocalls are going unanswered, campaign ads have either worked—or not—and last-minute rallies and appearances have ended. The job is ours now. If you haven't already voted, give yourself extra time tomorrow to make it so. Wake up a little earlier, take a later lunch or leave work or school a bit earlier. Whatever you do, make your vote count.

After the past eight years, we cannot afford apathy about our government on any level. This marathon election has been a clarion call to civic engagement. Will Americans heed the call? I hope and believe that our dark days of disdain and disregard toward the world, shock and awe, greed run amok, Manicheaism, unresponsiveness, lapdog press, "values" voters, and linguistic gymnastics are coming to an end.

Mostly, I pray the outcome is decided early tomorrow night.

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