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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Operation Halyard story is a must-see

My good friend and Toledo television reporter, Jennifer Boresz reported a wonderful feature-length piece that aired on July 4 on WTOL, the CBS affiliate in Toledo. It's hard for local broadcasters to get meaty assignments, but Jen put a great deal of work into this piece that aired on the station's 5 o'clock show. Hope you'll take a minute (or five) to watch.

I've been a friend and mentor of Jen's since she was a student at Cleveland State University five years ago so I'm very proud of her work. Keep pushing to do the stories that feed your soul, Jen!


Jen said...

Hi Wendy- Thank you so much for posting the story on your site and for all the kind words. It was such an honor to interview these men and help them tell their story.
I appreciate your support as a mentor and a friend.
:) Jen

Mim B. said...

Thanks, Wendy, for giving recognition to Jennifer for her excellent interview with the Forgotten 500 heroes! She's a special person, so I can see why you're so glad to call her your friend!

Mim Bizic

danno5691 said...

A huge Thanks to all of you for your support and contribution to something our Chapter is trying to help preserve, that is, Arthur and his dedication to clearing Mihailovic's name. I'm Dan Wiese, past EAA President,past Chairman and member, I spoke on behalf of the EAA at Plane Fun with honoring Jibby,I also had the pleasure in meeting Mim and Jennifer prior to our trip to the Yankee Museum, and help bring together some of those involved in the Halyard mission. Great work Jennifer! Hope to see you at the 180th ANG this Sunday. Wendy you should be proud to have Jennifer as a friend!