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Saturday, April 26, 2008

A 9-year-old's assessment of the NFL Draft

Today's NFL Draft begins at 3 p.m., but Michael has been talking about it since he woke up about 20 minutes ago. SportsCenter has been on since he came down. So while I'm getting caught up reading the New York Times Book Review, Mikey is giving me a rundown on today's draft. He does this often, always quizzing me on where a player went to college or who plays the best spread offense.

First going to the Dolphins in Chris Long. (He's been fascinated with the story of Howie Long's son since the Easter Bunny brought him a Sporting News NFL Draft magazine.)

Second going to the Raiders is Jake Long, he's an offensive tackle, you know, from Michigan. (Because, of course I should know this.)

Third is Glenn Dorsey going to Baltimore. He's that defensive end, number 72 from LSU. He's really good at tackling and sacking.

Fourth going to the San Francisco 49ers is Brian Brohm from Louisville. He's a QB.

Fifth going to the St. Louis Rams from Boston College, Matt Ryan, a quarterback.

Sixth is Andre Woodson, that quarterback from Kentucky going to the Houston Texans.

Seventh is Colt Brennan from Hawaii going to New Orleans Saints.

Darren McFadden is a running/quarterback. He plays both but he'll go to the Denver Broncos.

Going to New York Jets is Rashard Mendenhall from Illinois. He's a running back.

Going to the Detroit Lions is Mario Manningham from the University of Michigan. He's a wide receiver.

Browns don't have a first-round pick.

Those are my predictions. I'm psyched to see the draft cause there are so many good players.

And there you have it. Mikey's 2008 NFL draft predictions.

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