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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Village is getting ink

Bay Village is such a tiny little bedroom community that it rarely registers a blip in the local, let alone national, media. Of course, that could change with Mayor Debbie Sutherland entering the race for Cuyahoga County Commissioner.

Today, however, there are two wonderful blips.

U.S. News & World Reports ranks Bay High School among the top high schools in the nation with a Silver Award.

At last Friday's basketball game against Vermilion, apparently the two student sections were engaged in a shout-out that escalated as each student body tried to one-up the other. Vermilion's fans shouted, "How's your football team?"

Bay students chanted back, "Let's take a test!" That even drew a smile from Principal Jim Cahoon who was keeping close watch on the student section.

Bay senior girls' hoop star and D-1 recruit Lindsey Lowrie and her parents, Bob and Lisa, grace the front page of today's Locker Room section. Hope you get a chance to read the article because her parents are the antithesis of today's hovering parents. They also own Java Bay coffee shop and happen to be two of the nicest people around. If you stop in for a cuppa, be sure to say hello.

Congrats to all!


Michelle O'Neil said...

I like reading you because you see the good in teenagers. I seldom see that anywhere else.

Wendy Hoke said...

I have two teenagers and I find them and their friends a great source of creativity, passion, energy, laughter and promise.

They can be very inspiring.