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Monday, October 15, 2007

Wide Open discussion

I'm sure the minds behind the PD's Wide Open blog envisioned a forum where great discussion took place, where arguments could be made from both sides with such finesse that readers would flock and jump at the opportunity to join the fray.

It's taking a while, but I think what I see there today between Jill and Dave is a fascinating example of how blogs can encourage dialogue. Sadly, the focus of the conversation is Ann Coulter, but I think the questions raised and the arguments being made make for good reading.

On another sad note is word of St. Peter Church "assimilating" into the cathedral. Never have I been to a Catholic Mass that spoke to me more deeply than that of St. Peter's. It is a huge loss. I am sorry we're not able to support it regularly as a family. Perhaps we should have made more of an effort to do so.

All of these churches closing downtown...what happens to the buildings? The artwork? The families? The tradition? The stories? Maybe that's what we need to do now. Gather the stories of these parishes before they leave us forever.

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Jill said...

Thank you, Wendy. I really, REALLY appreciate the support - I can't speak for Dave et al, but I bet they do too.

Feel free to jump in over there by the way!!