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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Odds and ends

Just a few minutes of breathing room today, so I've got to keep to a few short topics.

Seeking a Web designer
In the interest of ratcheting up my marketing efforts, I'm actively seeking a Web designer for my Web site. I'm looking for a clean, professional site with pages for bio, articles, books, blog, news, contact. Most of the copy is written; however, I'm also looking for suggestions on how best to feature articles (some of which are not available as links).

I would like to be able to update frequently (and cheaply, if possible). If you can help, please contact me at wendyhoke(at)oh(dot)rr(dot)com and reference Web designer in the subject line.

Evaluating new magazine markets
Yesterday's New York Times had an article about a start-up independent magazine called Organize. An interesting idea for a niche audience. The Times referenced Ready Made as an example of another independent pub with a niche market that was eventually purchased last fall by Meredith.

However, as Erik Sherman writes today, there are warning signs that this venture is under-funded and at risk from inexperienced hands. It's also unclear from writer guidelines whether the pub intends to pay for editorial submissions. Not a good sign of quality. Bottom line for writers: Proceed with caution.

I dream of Africa
Whenever I read articles like this, I feel so depressed at my inability to tackle such assignments. I've not yet read The Vanity Fair package, but I'm always amazed by the shortcuts news organizations will take in covering the world. How do you write intelligently about a continent without hearing from the people who live there?

Narrative magazine seeking help
I'm a big fan of Narrative magazine, and have occasionally shared some of its stories here. Today I received an e-mail asking for donations to help keep this independent magazine committed to bringing great literature online going strong. Check it out and then consider making a tax-deductible donation.

What I covet
The iPhone is so dang cool!!! You've got to check out NYT's David Pogue's multimedia piece to see its functionality. Just showed my kids and they agree -- it's a must-have piece of technology.

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