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Friday, May 04, 2007

Countdown to 40: Part 1

If I'm having trouble believing that my 40th birthday is a mere five months away then I need only look at today's mail. The letter from Bay High School was addressed to "Parents of incoming freshmen."

Eek! A freshman in high school. I know for a fact I'm not old enough to have a child in high school. I couldn't be. Certainly I don't feel as if I'm turning 40 (she says carefully inspecting her neck for early signs of sagging skin).

So far, I'm cool with this age thing. Of course that could all change as September approaches. They say (though I'm not sure who "they" is) that with age comes wisdom. I'm counting on it, baby! That, and self-confidence and courage and all those other qualities in which I seem be deficient.

Happy Friday!


Kelly said...

Well, almost happy birthday! I'm 6 days away from my 40th, and will delurk to say I've been living my journalist dream vicariously through your blog since Dawn Friedman ( linked to you last year...

Back in 1988, I dropped out of journalism school for some stupid reason, waited tables for years, then fell into graphic design and now am the staff copywriter at Little Tikes in Hudson...and for the past few years all I can think about is going back to finish my degree so I can learn the tools needed to be a narrative nonfiction writer. But with a son entering high school (!!! how did that happen?!!!) and a daughter about to turn 4, and a full-time job, I'm a little strapped for time.

But anway, here's to 40!

Better late than never?

Wendy Hoke said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks so much for commenting. You made my afternoon. :) First, happy early 40th b-day. Congrats on having a son also entering h.s.

If you want to be a narrative nonfiction writer, just keep writing.

If you can find time for a conference here or there, that's always a good place for inspiration. If you want some recommended reads and sites, I'll be happy to supply them.

Again -- happy 40th!


Jill said...

Oh wait! Choose me to answer this one! Kelly! I have NO formal education as a narrative nonfiction writer, and actually held a job doing just that a year before Wendy came into the same, exact work! :) (Yes, I feel guilty about that - Wendy can tell you all about my inferiority complex due to the fact that I have no formal writing ed).

Like the lady says - just keep writing.

And you, Ms. Wendy: Remember. 40 is a reason to celebrate that you made it to 40. :) Really.

Lori said...

Forty is great -- really. Better than thirty, even. And if it makes you feel better, my younger sister's oldest will be a sophomore this fall...

And Kelly, listen to these wise women. They're two of the best you'll ever meet.

Wendy Hoke said...

As you can see, Kelly, support abounds in the writing sisterhood. Come on in!

Kelly said...

Hey! I left a comment thanking y'all yesterday, but it isn't here. Darned blogger...

So again...that was a terrific boost coming here and seeing such supportive responses to my angst about writing. Thank you so much. So, so much. Makes turning 40 in 3 days easier to swallow.

Here's where I'm hung up with the writing, a lack of experience with research. I have a list of stories I want to follow, but with my lack of time and knowledge, I'm not sure where to start. How to go about it in a way that will maximize my time. I tend to get hung up on that kind of nonsense out of insecurity, though. I'm working on it!

Jill said...

Kelly - if you're still reading, re: where to start: go to the source. Imagine that you're the reader - what would you want to know? Who would you trust to tell it to you? Who would you like to hear from? What wouldn't mean much to you? Then, go right to the source, whomever they are. It's amazingly easy to get people to talk - even people you think might not want to.

I'm known for saying that the worst someone will do is say no. No biggie!! You can do it. :)

Kelly said...

Hey Jill, yes, I am still reading...thanks again, that's great advice. I've been making some lists of who to talk with, who to listen to... I really do need to learn how to listen. Again, many, many thanks!