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Sunday, April 15, 2007

In need of attitude adjustment

We arrived home at about 3 this afternoon from a week of cold, wet, windy weather in Florida. I'm feeling more stressed out then before my vacation. Internet access was spotty all week and I was unable to access the hundreds of e-mails slamming my inbox. Sadly, I felt compelled to check and was unable to sleep or rest because I couldn't check.

So I sit here tonight trying to wade through the requests for this information and that report and connections with this person and that team info and more crap than I can possibly process.

I am angry that we spent so much money on a vacation that included weather only marginally better than here in Cleveland. I am angered at the inability to take a week with my family and not concern myself with work.

I'm not alone. All around the Adagio resort were mothers and fathers with Bluetooth devices conducting deals around the pool or on the patio balconies. Folks were dashing down to the beach late because they were checking e-mail or picking up faxes. Sad and pathetic.

Makes me want to just check out of the whole scene completely.

Whenever I'm away something happens that's pivotal to my work. Rejections from magazines always arrive and a story I've been working on since December is written about in the paper and now has a New York Times reporter on it. F@#*-ing A!

How do I adjust my attitude to have a productive week? How do I fight the overwhelming urge to chuck my laptop and cell phone into Lake Erie?

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Jill said...

Sweetie - you'd just dive in after them, no? :)

Of course not!

You need a debriefing lunch of course!