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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

West Wing Season 2 Finale

It's not very often I get to just play around on the Web. But after searching iTunes tonight for some new music for my iPod, I stumbled upon Dire Strait's Brothers in Arms. The album by the same name was one of my favorites in college. I used to lie on my bed and listen to this song in the dark. Fed my melancholy self.

The song also reminds me of my all-time favorite hour of television. On a lark, I went to YouTube and found the last few minutes of the season 2 finale of "The West Wing," called Two Cathedrals.

This is a masterful use of music and photography in place of words.

There's another video of President Jed Bartlet's rant against God in the Latin from the same episode. Check it out.


jacky said...

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noroh said...

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Windwhistler said...

I agree - best few minutes I've ever seen on TV (not that I watch that much of it). The music and the cinematography was excellent. I am now on a search for that song, and probably that album. Thanks!